You’re in a sandwich line with Beyonce and Rihanna. Bey orders the tuna salad. Ri orders the egg salad. Neither of them has enough money to pay for their sandwich, but you have enough for yours and a second.

Whose sandwich do you buy, and why?

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    Questions I find while looking for tuna salad recipes.
  2. nataliemaeblogs answered: Beyonce because are you kidding me rihanna stop
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    Also egg salad is kind of gross… but also Beyonce
  5. hindenberry answered: beyonce’s because…beyonce
  6. crackedpecans answered: bey’s EVEN THOUGH i’m a pescatarian
  7. justaskthisscientician answered: Buy two and eat both in front of them because what’s a better story than Rihanna & Beyoncé hating you for eating their sandwiches?
  8. sloth-bear answered: Neither because vegan.
  9. manicpixienightmarebitch answered: Buy two sandwiches. Cut each sandwich into thirds. B gets two thirds tuna, R gets two thirds egg, i keep a third of both to sell on ebay.
  10. fartinscorsexy answered: The hell is this, Friday during Lent? Anyway they both get lunch because in what world am I together enough to keep down food in B’s presence
  11. andrewbk answered: Beyonce because Rihanna will never admit that she has egg on her face.
  12. rachelsimone answered: buy rihanna’s because i know she will… pon de repay.
  13. emes answered: Rihanna, because Beyonce would probably insist you use the money on Rihanna even if you offered it to Beyonce
  14. businesswomanspecial answered: Why are the both eating salad sandwiches and no cold cuts!? I think this is a trap. But really, Bey because duh.
  15. abortionhaver answered: I pay for Rihanna because Beyoncé simply cannot smell like tuna
  16. echolikehells answered: Bey because Bey.
  17. wikkineaver answered: I would buy two sandwiches and shove them down their throats so I would never have to listen to their shitty songs again
  18. robertafossil answered: beyonce’s because c’mon
  19. guyuhthree answered: I’d buy two for the ethical ass employee of the year who refuses to let either of them have a free sandwich duhhh
  20. lesartistes answered: I hate you for making me pick Rihanna, but canned tuna is the most disgusting thing on earth and I hate everyone who encourages its existance
  21. clairefoley answered: "your pussy is way too dry to be riding my dick like this" = Rihanna, forever and ever amen.
  22. nicklas answered: I’d pay for Bey. Egg salad has nothing to counter-measure all the eggs so you just know there will be egg farts. And those are the worst.
  23. gforglasses answered: Beyonce, duh.
  24. apriluclgate answered: Beyonce’s, because she’s gotta eat in order to keep up dat ass.
  25. marmor-mindgrapes answered: Beyonce both because I prefer her over RiRi and because I prefer tuna salad over egg salad. Always Queen Bey!
  26. kissmystace answered: Beyonce because here’s hoping thats a tuna craving from another bun in her oven.
  27. smile-lines answered: Beyonce because of reasons.
  28. kyleramos answered: I would order both and give one of them mine because holy shit did I tell you about that time I had lunch with Bey and Ri!??!
  29. deadgurrl answered: rihanna. beyonce can just fucking call jay-z
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  31. writertee answered: Rihanna because Beyonce can eat her own bootylicious. (Can’t forgive that that’s a word.)
  32. bexo answered: Beyonce. She’s breastfeeding!
  33. lindseyjee answered: Beyonce because she is Beyonce.
  34. larastonepussy answered: Bey, because if I didn’t Blue Ivy would snatch my wig and put a curse on my family
  35. earthwindandmaya answered: I’d buy them both a sandwich and go hungry because the Illuminati would want me to.
  36. tinyjudgementalscreechowl answered: Rihanna’s. Beyonce can just call Jay-z.
  37. yodelmachine answered: Beyoncé because we have the same birthday and you don’t leave a birthday buddy hanging.
  38. tinyvessels answered: Bey, because Ri was probably going to walk away without paying anyway.
  39. shambamtamina answered: beyonce’s bc egg salad shouldn’t really be encouraged. it’s terrible for your heart and all. plus rihanna is back with chris brown? no bueno.
  40. andkatesays answered: "There is only Beyonce."